About the Artist

Robert Guenther, born in 1952, is one of five siblings raised in a middle class suburb of Chicago, IL. Mr. Guenther’s parents recognized his talent at an early age and supported his choice of attending an art school in Chicago. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Guenther became the pupil of various naturalists and graphic designers, leading him to a life that soon became more of a passion than an obligation. This passion extended to his medium of choice – glass.

Mr. Guenther’s personal joy and satisfaction are derived from his customer’s gratification. Whether creating the most momentous scene from nature or a piece of genre, all alike are illuminated by a power that never fails to impress the spirit and pierce the heart. The everyday art glass enthusiast, collector or connoisseur can now experience the ultimate thrill of owning a part of art history – an original piece from The Robert Guenther Collection.

A Glimpse at the Artist’s Creations

We are painstakingly cataloging an assortment of stunning artworks for our on-line gallery. Mr. Guenther himself is assisting in the process by selecting artworks that best express his creative vision. You can visit our gallery here.

Due to the craftsmanship required to create RGC pieces, the gallery is not designed for on-line purchasing. These are not mass-produced pieces. Please contact our corporate offices for more information about purchasing classic or custom RGC artworks.