Warranty and Care Instructions

A Robert Guenther Signature Glass creation is truly a unique piece of fine glass art and makes a lasting personal statement of elegance and art within your home. Each sink is designed, handcrafted and signed by the artist.

Every sink is warranted against defect for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Please note the following:

Not Covered by Warranty

Thermal Shock – temperature change of greater than 70 degrees Fahrenheit between temperature of sink and water. All glass sinks are susceptible to thermal shock. To prevent cracking, set your water heater to an energy saving temperature between120° and 130°.

Misuse – excessively heavy objects dropped into the sink or any heavy impact before or after installation may result in breakage.

Improper Installation – over-tightening of drain assembly, insufficient support of sink or installing any drains assembly that holds water.

Using a drain that does not seat sufficiently.

Conditions for Concern

Heavy items stored directly above the sink, such as a medicine cabinet

New construction where indoor temperature is unregulated may lead to thermal shock.

Installation Instructions

We recommend having your sink installed by a professional plumber with prior experience installing glass sinks.

The vessel must be supported. We recommend the hole that the sink sits in on the counter top be at least 2″ in diameter.

A small silicone seal should be used between sink and counter top so that the counter top does not scratch or cut into the glass bowl. This also will ensure a snug fit and no movement of the sink after installation.

Drain assemblies must be of a type that do not hold water and must be hand tightened. Use silicone instead of plumbers putty, if needed; we recommend crystal clear silicone or polyurethane sealers.

This warranty is for one (1) year from the date purchased. If your sink breaks or cracks, it will be replaced at no charge (shipping not included), providing the above has been followed. Chips in the glass do not apply to this warranty.